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What is a Hydrostone and Why Should I Use it?

What is a Hydrostone and Why Should I Use it?

Have you ever gotten home with your new stash and opened it up to see its dry? BOOOO
Well, what would you say if I told you, you could fix your dry stash in just a few hours?

The Raw Hydrostone is made from uncoated natural terracotta clay which has been baked in a kiln. This design was originally developed to keep tobacco fresh while being transported by ship during the early days of modern trade.

This stone is to be soaked in water for no longer than five minutes before using it. During this time, water is soaked up by the stone and when placed with dry materials, it acts as a humidifier to regulate and distribute moisture to whatever you add it to.

Alternatively, if you want to take moisture out of your product, you can also use it dry. If you live in a hot climate this would be a great tool to have, to draw in any unwanted moisture to the stone, as opposed to your stash.

The hydrostone is a device you want to monitor when you’re using it. Once you’ve finished soaking the stone you’ll notice that it has changed colours to a deeper orange/brown colour. Make sure to check on the colouring of your stone to see if it has lost its hydration or alternatively if you are trying to dry out some product, you’ll want to see if it has gained hydration, if so you’ll want to take it out and dry it.

This stone is NOT a set and forget. If you have dry material and you insert a soaked stone and leave it overnight or for a few days, you may open your stash to discover mouldy weed from over humidification, so I would suggest setting a timer for an hour or two to check how the hydration is going. Once you’ve checked on your stash and it’s fresh and to your liking, take out the stone.

Considering this little stone can bring back the driest or wettest material that you thought you had lost, the hydrostone is a bargain at just $6 and can be used again and again.

Keep your stash fresh with the RAW Hydrostone!



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