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Which Dopezilla Bong Are You?

Which Dopezilla Bong Are You?

Made from the highest quality of borosilicate glass, there isn’t a bad pick in the Dopezilla range. So, one may wonder which to choose? Well, named after mythical creatures, these pieces hold a lot of history behind them. Perhaps we learn a little about each?... Stick around to the end to take our quiz!



The fire-breathing hybrid creature composed of the parts of more than one animal. She is usually depicted as a lion with the head of a goat protruding from the lions back, and a tail that ends with a snake’s head. In Dopezilla’s case, a lion head with a snake protruding from its side. It is said that the Chimera beheld the strength of a lion, the cunning of a goat and the venom of a snake. Her most powerful and deadly weapon was her fire breath that would come from the goat on her back’s mouth. The Chimera was one nasty girl with one nasty temper! She ransacked many villages, mostly killing cattle but sometimes destroying houses and slaughtering innocent people as well.



Also known as the hound of hades, the Cerberus was a multi-headed dog that guarded the gates of the underworld to prevent the living in and the dead from leaving. The serpent-tailed, three-headed dog was so scary and dreadful to behold that those who looked upon him were turned to stone, even the gods feared Cerberus. Despite his appearance and his position at the gates of the underworld, Cerberus was not a demonic creature. Above all else, this mighty dog was loyal, he was deeply devoted to his master. Although he would rip any being to pieces who tried to leave or enter, he was merely following orders.



This serpentine water monster in Greek and Roman mythology is known for its 9 heads. If one of its heads were to be cut off, another two would grow in its place. Its blood was said to be so poisonous, even the smell of it would kill. The middle head of the Hydra was said to be immortal. It lived in the lake of Lerna, which was known to be an entrance into the Underworld. Her brother Cerberus, guarded the above ground entrance to Hades, she guarded the underwater entrance. From birth, the goddess Hera trained the monster to attack and destroy anything that fell beneath its gaze. It ravaged innocent villages around its home, Lake Lerna, devouring hundreds of victims.


Their Demise

Something all three of these creatures have in common, besides all having the same mother and father, are their brutal take downs.

The Chimera was once thought to be invincible, but its reign of terror eventually came to a gruesome end when King Lobates sent the brave warrior Bellerophon to kill Chimera with the help of Pegasus horse.


Cerberus and Hydra were both defeated by Hercules. After Hera, who had tried to kill Heracles ever since he was born, induced a madness in him that made him kill his wife and children, Heracles went to the Oracle of Delphi to atone. He prayed to the god Apollo for guidance, and was told to serve King Eurystheus, for ten years. During this time, he was sent to perform a series of difficult feats, called labours.

Hercules completed 12 labors. Hydra was killed by Heracles in his second labor. To prevent more heads growing from where it was severed, Heracles’ companion Lolaus and his nephew applied burning brands to the severed neck stumps. The immortal head was then buried by Heracles under a large boulder.



Hercules’s twelfth and final labor was the capture of Cerberus. Heracles found Hades and asked permission to bring Cerberus to the surface, which Hades agreed to if Heracles could subdue the beast without using weapons. Heracles overpowered Cerberus with his bare hands and slung the beast over his back.


Hilariously, once Hercules had brought the three-headed creature back to Eurystheus (The King of Mycenae who Apollo had ordered Hercules serve), Eurystheus fled into his pithos and begged Hercules to return the Cerberus to the Underworld offering in return to release him from any further labours when Cerberus disappeared back to his master like the good boy he was.

Rightio – into the quiz to find out which mythical creature you are and therefore which bong you should buy from my store.. hehe





Which relationship best describes you? 

A: Has no friends

B: Deeply devoted to a few

C: Has a mentor

What weapon would you choose?

A: Fire

B: Razor sharp teeth

C: Poison

What is your demeanor in tricky situations?

A: Bad temper

B: Blindly follows orders

C: Extremely resilient

Which Element are you?

A: Earth

B: Fire

C: Water

Describe yourself in just one word

A: Cunning                  A: Strong

B: Loyal                         B: Threatening

C: Nasty                       C: Persistent

Someone would break up with you because you are..

A: Too smart

B: Too Clingy

C: Too Toxic

Which Harry Potter Movie are you?

A: Goblet of Fire

B: Philosophers Stone

C: Chamber of Secrets


Tally up your answers and see if you have mostly A’s, B’s or C’s. Click the links to see what your new bong looks like ;)


Mostly A’s - Chimera


Mostly B’s - Cerberus


Mostly C’s - Hydra



As always,
Thanks for reading <3


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funny drawing I wanted to include for all you legends that scroll down to the bottom hehe

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