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Weed Diary

Weed Diary

Dear Diary,


What strains of weed have I tried? Which strain has the best effects for me? Do I prefer Sativa dominant strains, Indica dominant strains or Hybrids? These are just some of the questions that live rent free in my mind on a loop. I’ve been meaning to do this for years... like seriously... ask my friends and they would tell you that I’ve been talking about starting a weed diary for ages. Something that I always tell myself when the thought arrives is… well, it’s too late now! I’ve been smoking for close to a decade, the amount of strains I’ve tried and don’t remember would be way too many to count. But then I also find myself thinking, well, better late than never.


This week I’m going to dive in and start! Hooray! Well done me!! But where to start.. hmm…

First things first, let’s think about all the things I want to record. The main thing for me would be the strain name and an overall strain rating so when my guy messages me with “this week’s menu” I’ll be able to look back through my diary and see if I have had any of the specific strains before and how much I liked them (although it is going to be a struggle not to give every strain a 10 haha!).


I’ve made two templates below that you’re all free to save and use however, I did have a lot of fun putting mine together and I acknowledge that not everyone will want to record all the same data as me so I will give you guys some ideas as to what you could put in your very own weed diary template.


Ideas of what to record;

Strain Name



Observed Effects

Doodles (drawing section)

Timeline of your high

Method of consumption

Notes section

Overall strain rating

How much money it cost you

How many grams you bought

How many grams you consumed

Where you got it from (although I wouldn’t recommend you record this if you live in Australia or other countries or states where it’s not yet legal)

What you’ve done during the day

What the weather is like

The symptoms it relieved

The aroma/flavour/terpenes

The percentage of THC/CBD ect.

What you ate while high

Any important thoughts you had that you want to remember



Even if the only motivation you get out of this post is to start a notes page on your phone where you document at least the strain name, I’ll be happy :D


What would you include in your weed diary? Let us know on Instagram, facebook, twitter or email us at smokemilkau@gmail.com


Happy weeding



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