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Stoners Guide: First Time Getting High

Stoners Guide: First Time Getting High

If you’re thinking about getting high for the first time this blog is for you. Smoking weed isn’t for everyone so before you smoke there are a few things to consider.  Within this blog we will tell you what to expect and our top must-haves for your first session.

Some things to consider before you decide if smoking weed is for you. First of all, are you excited to try it? If no... then don’t! If you’re not looking forward to it and are already in a negative mindset, you are probably not going to have a good time so I wouldn’t recommend smoking, no matter how much peer pressure you might be getting from friends.

Another thing I would recommend (which is why I am writing this blog) would be to read about other people’s experiences and recommendations for smoking for the first time. So if your reading this then you’re off to a great start. You can also read about my first experience getting high here.


What to expect? So, there are three common experiences that people have when they smoke weed for the first time. First, people say that it was an awful experience. Second, people say nothing happened, they didn’t even get high. And third, people also say they had a great time. So, let’s do everything we can to make your first experience a great time.

Expect to feel different. If you’ve had alcohol you know the different sensations that come with that. Getting high has its own set of sensations that you will experience. In fact, depending on how you smoke will give you a different experience also, and you may learn in the future the subtle differences between smoking joints, having a bong, having a dab, eating edibles ect.

Some sensations you may feel: really light or alternatively heavy head, hunger, laughter/giggles, super thirsty (this is called 'cotton mouth'), you may zone out, time may seem like it’s going super slow, a lack of or heightened spatial awareness, you may lose your train of thought easily thanks to short term memory loss – another example of this; you might forget why you’ve gone into a room. You may feel some, none or all of these sensations. Whatever comes, make the best of them.

I feel like if you have all the essentials, there’s little chance of having a bad experience for your first time. I’d say the number one essential for having a great time the first time you get high would be great company. If you trust and enjoy the people you’re with, if things turn bad at least you know you’ll have them to look after you. Also, be honest about it being your first time and if you can, smoke with someone who has smoked before so they can show you the ropes.

Learn how to inhale. A lot of people come out of their first experience saying they didn’t feel anything or nothing happened or it was an underwhelming experience. I’d hazard a guess that these people were not inhaling properly. I’m going to leave a link on how I learnt to inhale a joint properly and also a helpful video on how to smoke a bong. But this one is really something that you’ll master over time. And just a heads up, you will cough, so have water handy – you could need a lot of water.

Munchies! This one is obvious but cannot be left off the list. Back in my day UberEats wasn’t a thing so you guys really have an advantage going in for your first time. I’d suggest you bring your favourite drink (as well as water) something savoury you like and something sweet you like.

How to deal with a bad trip. If you’re feeling down or anxious after you’ve smoked, there’s a few things you can do to turn your trip around. First, try to change your environment. I find being outside in fresh air can really lift my mood when I’m high. Secondly, depending on who you’re with, be upfront about how you’re feeling because sometimes even just talking about it can get you out of your own head about it and often just starting a conversation can lead to a great distraction. When all else fails, lay down and take a nap or watch something you know you love and will cheer you up/distract you.

Don’t mix your substances. I couldn’t recommend anything more than this! If it’s your first-time smoking, be sober before you smoke. When you mix drugs together you’re way more likely to have a bad time and the last thing you want is to have a bad trip, then blame the weed... or maybe thats just the last thing I want for you haha.

One of the best things about weed is the hangover. Or lack thereof! Unlike when drinking alcohol, after smoking weed you will not feel horrible, you most likely won’t feel a thing. At most you might feel a little sleepy the next day or a little hazy in the head... it might take you a couple seconds longer than usual to solve a math problem or recall particular details, but don't worry, a coffee will fix you right up.


You know your body best so if you feel uncomfortable, make sure you try one of these tips to feel better before consuming any more cannabis. It is important to constantly check in with yourself and ask am I ok? What do I want/need right now? Do I feel safe? And if everything is lining up nicely and you feel you want more, have some more, little by little. Remember, you can always have more weed, but cannot have less once you've already smoked it.

Finally, have fun! Enjoy this plant the way it was intended! Relax and create beautiful memories with friends that you’ll remember for years to come! Hot tip – take lots of videos and photos because chances are, you will have a hard time remembering everything haha.


-Milo x


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