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Stoners Guide: Dab Rigs Explained

Stoners Guide: Dab Rigs Explained

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to look into the dab rig; what it is, and how to use one. Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular nowadays in countries and states where medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal, and heck! even here in Australia, where the laws are yet to come to fruition, it’s gaining traction. Dabbing offers a more powerful high and flavourful experience than cannabis flower does.


The dab rig is very similar to a water pipe bong in regards to function, it filters the smoke through the water using a process called effervescence. This chemical process is explained further in our blog “Stoners Guide: Bongs Explained”.


The biggest difference between a bong and a dab rig is the cannabis material used; bongs like flower and dab rigs like concentrates. To read more on concentrates, click this link for our “Cannabis Class: Concentrates” Blog.


“Dabbing” is the process of heating a concentrate until it vaporizes, the consumer then inhales this vapor into their lungs. But how to dab? Well, before we get into the technical of how, let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of a standard dab rig and the tools needed.


Anatomy + tools of the dab rig;

Chamber (where the water goes)

Neck/Tube (where you inhale from)



Nail or Banger (this is where you place your concentrates. There are two types of nails, dome nails and dome-less nails)


Blow Torch (to heat up your nail/banger)

Dabber (tool used to scoop out concentrate)

Carb Cap (placed over your nail/banger to trap the heat inside the nail/banger)

Terp Pearls – Optional (placed inside your banger, the carb cap is placed on top and these pearls circulate around the banger lifting up any concentrate stuck on the sides)

Cotton earbud/swab (to clean your nail/banger out after your finished)

Alcohol wipes (to clean your nail/banger out after your finished)


How to use a dab rig?


Step 1

Heat up your nail/banger with a blow torch to a desired temperature (if you have terp pearls add them to the banger before you heat it up so that they will get hot aswell)


Step 2

Grab a dabber tool and pull out however much concentrate you want to smoke onto the tool


Step 3

Place your concentrate up against the side of the banger so it melts off of the dabbing tool, into the banger and start to inhale.


Step 4

Place the carb cap over your nail/banger, continue inhaling.


Step 5

Once you have cleared the concentrate, leave your rig to cool down for a couple minutes then clean out your banger/nail with your cotton earbuds and alcohol wipes.


Above are the steps to follow when using a traditional dab rig with a blow torch, however there are different ways to consume concentrates which we have not yet discussed. There is such a thing called an e-nail. An e-nail is an electric nail that heats itself up. This eliminates the need for a blow torch and makes the dabbing process a lot safer. These E-nails can be added to your existing dab rigs easily.


Another popular way to consume concentrate is with an e-rig. Much like the E-nail, the E-rig heats up the nail/banger, however, it is attached to a rig of its own, all in one neat package.


The temperature to dab at is totally up to personal preference, however there is a range in which you’d like the Celsius to sit between so to not burn your concentrates. If your temp ranges between 175 to 205 degrees Celsius, you will enjoy flavourful hits and effectively vaporise your concentrates.


And there you have it, as always, if you have any questions leave them below or alternatively message us on facebook or instagram. We are always around to answer any queries you might have about the blogs or our many high quality products on the site! Or even just pop by to say hey!



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