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This week I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of our products from the Smoke Milk collection. Pipes! We’ve spoken before about Bongs and Dab Rigs, let’s take a look at the beautiful line up of pipes we have.


Starting with our best seller the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Coil Hand Pipe


I’m sure you’ve heard of an ice bong, where you put ice in the neck of a bong to cool down the smoke. Well.. Ooze have figured out how to do that, all in one small hand help pipe! Thanks to its glycerine filled coil, pop this bad boy in the freezer for one hour and you’ll be smoking coooool before you know it.

Ranging in 5 different colours, (depending on what’s currently in stock) I’m sure everyone can find a vibe they will like.

It’s a hand-blown pipe made from the most durable glass - borosilicate. The round head has a deep push bowl that can fit seriously large hits, as well as a conveniently placed carb hole at the left. The flat mouthpiece is perfectly designed for airtight and enjoyable draws.

Thanks to its coil inside, the smoke travels further than the 4” of length that the pipe measures in at.

Commonly found in food, glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. Glycerin doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. 

However, in saying all this, you don’t have to put it in the freezer to enjoy this pipe. Frozen or room temp, this is one of the best pipes I’ve ever used.

Let’s finish this write up with some reviews from some stoners who bought the Ooze glycerin coil pipe.


Kevin on Apr 25, 2021

What they don’t mention is how easy it is to clean. I just let mine get to room temp and washed it out with tap water. I blew the water out and cleaned the bowl with a paper towel. LIKE NEW!



Wade S. on Jan 02, 2020
United States

I love the glycerin bowl! When frozen, it cools a hit more than any water-pipe I've ever used. Similar to a frozen beer mug, it will condensate as it warms to room temp. It really works as described. Large sized bowl! I enjoy that. Her name is CHILLary Clinton...


Anthony M. on Sep 26, 2018
United States

Just throw it in the freezer and leave it there...with proper use this thing is easy to clean...ice cold hits my virgin lungs are gone thank you ooze keep up the good work




Now for the rest, by my favourites, GRAV 😍😍😍

In no particular order, lets’ look at the more traditional looking pipe from Grav, but with a frosty twist, The Sandblasted Spoon.


Texture matte-ers when it comes to this pipe ;) With the Sandblasted Spoon's inverted ash catching mouthpiece and deep bowl, you'll be feeling as hazy as your pipe in no time. Measuring in at 4”, this pipe fits in the hand securely. If you consider yourself a butter-fingers person, this pipe will change your game with its grippy sandblasted finish.




United States

I recently bought mine at my local smoke shop. The frosted texture of the pipe feels as nice as it looks. In a weird way it’s so satisfying to hold. The engineering of the pipe is the top notch. I’ve had many pipes over the years and this is by far the best in terms of how it’s designed to catch the ash. Great to have as your first piece ;)



Christian G.
United States

I first ordered amber, and mint green, they shipped the same day, I got them about 5 days later, and my god I love them so much. I don't cough as much with these as I do other pipes, and the hit is atrociously amazing my god. The carb hole is perfect, and its easy to clean. any who just ordered a third one in lake green color I cant wait to get it.



Justin M.
United States

Since the start of the quarantine I’ve been purchasing Grav, and they have all been amazing. With the sandblasted one it is perfect and holds more herb than it looks.




Next up on the grav line up, the BIG Bell Chillum

This one is a work of design art! Designed in collaboration, Stephan and Micah wanted this piece to satisfy novelty and ergonomics. This chillum was designed to be gripped in between your knuckles, if you cup your hand around the mouthpiece, you can hit it from your hand without even touching the pipe! Looks like these boys knew something that we didn’t back when they designed it cough cough Covid cough cough..


If you’re looking for a pipe that can fit some big boy hits, look no further! This chillum equates to a 19mm bowl and can fit about a gram in it. The rip is surprisingly smoother than you think it would be for a chillum with this big of a mouth on it. You'll want to ring this bell for service for a little help from your friends to finish this bad boy.

Here are some fellow stoner reviews of the big bell;


Arrash Z. 
United States

Really cool piece smokes great



Kamal S.
United States

The piece is nice and hits well. It reminds me of a chess piece rather than a bell. I like it. It came packaged well



Anthony M. 

I must say this is a beautiful piece of glass it feels so comfortable in the hand I thought it would be a pocket pipe but it's just a little bit too big but for chilling at home it's great. I can't forget to say the bowl above the Bell makes to smoke so smooth you don't get a harsh hit!




Next pipe, Grav 4” Beaker Spoon – Hand Pipe


Think beaker bong... but a pipe. Available in 5 colours, this piece is uniquely designed to mimic the classic beaker bong shape. Bonus; the flat base makes it easy to store upright! The Hand Pipe features an ergonomic carb and a smaller bowl made for personal use. Start your chemistry set today by purchasing your first beaker pipe!


Stoner Reviews;


Rusty W.
United States

Perfect as a taster. Also, let’s be real, probably one of the cooler designs for a small spoon if you ask me. It’s a miniature beaker that fits in your pocket. Pretty durable as well. Also holds everything in place even when it’s standing up so you can get it ready and just let it stand there making everyone else in the room jealous and want to ask when you’re going to light it. But at the same time, they don’t want to be the first to ask and be ‘that one’ so they all just sit and suffer while you assert your mini beaker dominance over them. Be the one to make them suffer. 10/10



Jenny B.
United States

Super reasonable price, and an amazing little tool! I just love this thing!!!



United States

I love grav labs you guys make some of the best glass pieces in my opinion




The next piece we’re going to look at, is one of my personal favourite items on the whole site. The Grav Pebble Spoon


This pipe is one of the most discreet smoking devices I’ve ever come across. The low profile bowl, carb, and mouthpiece of the Pebble Spoon aong with it’s small size, make it easy to slip into a bag or a pocket. Whether you’re going to a festival, out to dinner or in your house, this pebble pipe will fit right into your life and you won’t know how you lived without it!


Stoner Reviews;


Ayanna P.
United States

Better than I thought it was going to be it smokes real nice I love the color I got the Amber and is perfect I can't wait to order other products also perfect size and I love the grav label




Bought this pipe at a head shop on 4/20 on sale and it's my fav! Fits nicely in my hands, easy to clean, good hits. Great pipe for beginners because the chamber is smaller you can control your intake more. Very strong glass, as a clumsy stoner I've dropped it on the ground and concrete a few times and still going strong. Got the pink glass and amazing colour. Add this to your collection 😍



Jarod C.
United States

Fits your hand perfectly and is a great smaller piece to take on the go.




Only two more to go! Second last on our beautiful list: Grav Rocker Steamroller

Another best seller on the Smoke Milk site, this pipe turns heads! Everyone loves a little rock and roll, and that’s exactly what this pipe features. The Rocker Steamroller functions like a classic steamroller, with a carb on the end and a direct path for the smoke that ends in big hits.

The best part about this pipe is its movement! Rock it one way and watch it go!

As always, don’t take my word on it – here’s some experts opinions; 


Lance N.
United States

One of the best pipes I’ve ever purchased, outstanding quality.



Richard H.
United States

Wow. I am amazed by the craftsmanship of this piece it is everything you could ever want in a steamroller. 11/10 will buy again if mine ever breaks.



Andrew S.
United States

Always a joy & simple to use, each piece is just as beautiful and high-quality as the last, the flatter shape more easily fits in a pouch or a pocket & the bowl is the perfect size for a quick smoke break. The spacious interior is effortless to clean and allows you to cool down a bit of smoke after lighting which is always nice. Grav are geniuses!




Okay ladies and gents, last one here.. and I may have saved the best for last! Grav 3.75” Dugout


This one is like a three in one. You thought we were talking about pipes? Nah this lil gal has a pipe, herb storage AND a grinder! The Grav Dugout is the epitome of convenience, all these in one handheld, pocket sized device.


Twist the lid to access the two chambers: the smaller contains a spring-loaded aluminium taster with teeth that make grinding and loading the bowl effortless, and the larger is a storage area for your flower, complete with polycarbonate windows for a quick supply check.


The bottom of the Dugout has a recessed pin you can use to clear and clean your bowl after smoking. The piece comes with a zip-up carrying case, complete with a clip you can attach to a lanyard or keychain.


Stoner Reviews;


United States

Extremely thought out, useful device. It is sturdy, well-made and I highly recommend it!! Love mine so much, I bought another for a gift.



United States

Amazing build quality. Will never buy one of those cheap resin/plastic dugouts ever again. This is a life piece... if you don’t lose it.



Eugene R.
United States

I'm impressed with the overall quality of this purchase I've used wooden dugouts for many years this is the best high quality very pleased with this purchase would highly recommend it fast delivery great service


All of these pipes were selected by myself for the site for two reasons; aesthetics and function. I stand by all of these pipes and love selling them and hearing your guys’ feedback!


If you’re in the market for a new pipe or your first pipe I hope I’ve given you enough of information on all of these ones for you to make your choice! If not, reach out to us on Instagram! We are always stoked to help our customers choose the right products for them.


Peace, Milo


All blog posts are for entertainment purposes only, Smoke Milk does not condone or endorse the use of illicit or controlled substances. 
All products displayed and sold via Smoke Milk are sold with the intent for legal smoking herbs only and we encourage you to check your local laws and regulations before proceeding with a purchase.
To read more on please see our T&Cs

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