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My Top 5 Favourite Stoners

My Top 5 Favourite Stoners

Today I’m gonna share with ya’ll my top 5 favourite stoners, leaving my all-time favourite on the list, last. So stick around to the end of the blog to find out who I think is the be all end all *ultimate* stoner.


#5 - Jim Belushi


Who is Jim Belushi? Jim is a comedy actor best known for his sitcom “According to Jim”. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of According to Jim, nor any of his tv or film roles to be honest.

I only recently started following Jim on his twitter after I realised he owns his own weed farm and is a MASSIVE cannabis activist. In 2015 when non-medical cultivation was legalised in his town of Oregon, Jim decided to grow his own cannabis crops on his farm in 2016 and film a documentary doing so, called “Growing Belushi”. I am yet to watch the doco but plan on watching very soon and I’d love to do a blog reviewing the doco so keep an eye out for that!

On Belushi’s twitter he says “To all these people finding out I’ve been growing cannabis since 2016 I have this to say: if my brother John was a pothead, he’d be alive today. And that’s why I got into this. To heal my own trauma and help people get off opioids. That’s the “mission from God.””


I commend Jim for dedicating his life to cultivating and advocating for cannabis to help people get off opioids and I think he’s doing a great job in the marijuana space and his tweets always make me laugh!


#4 + #3 Abby & Ilana


Next up are two of the funniest girls to have ever lived, in my opinion. Both taking 3rd and 4th place for my favourite stoners are Abby and Ilana from the hit tv series “Broad City”. If you’ve read our blog “Best shows to watch high” then you’ll already know how much I froth this show!


These girls are comedy genius’ and need to be recognised for what they have brought to the female stoner media space. Never have I seen a character on TV more like myself. Abby and Ilana both wrote the series and are admittedly A LOT like the characters they play.

If you guys haven’t checked out Broad City yet, obviously go binge that, but I’m hoping most of my readers already know and love these girls, in which case, here is a link for a hilarious podcast interview they did with “getting Doug with high”.


#2 - Seth Rogan


Now I’m sure this one is not a surprise for anyone, Seth Mother Fucking Rogen. My MAAAAAN. Seth Rogen.. wow what to say about Seth Rogen… Well.. besides him being in most of my favourite movies (special mention to my fav ‘Super Bad’) what a kind, genuine beautiful person.

Seth has recently fully launched his cannabis brand “Houseplant”. Although the brand has only just been released in recent weeks, he has been working on Houseplant since 2019. 

Starting with the concept of weed strains paired with records for a great smoke and music combo, he has grown quite a passion for pottery, creating beautiful ashtrays and vase sets, including them in the houseplant product line up.  Along with the weed strains, records and pottery, Rogen has created a beautiful lighter/ashtray combo (seen below along with his pottery creations).


Something that I relate to so much, is his reason for creating this aesthetic lighter/ashtray. A couple weeks ago in my blog “Why I started my online headshop”, I discussed the want for my paraphernalia to be high enough quality to be out and about on display in the house. In an interview with Vogue, Rogen said “Something we talk so much about is all this weed shit lives under your coffee table in a shoebox or in your desk drawer in the back of it for so long, It deserves to be on your shelf, on your mantle, or on your coffee table”


Seth smokes all day every day, he says it’s as essential to his day-to-day life as shoes or glasses are. I think from one stoner to another, it’s safe to say, Seth Rogen is major goals!!


#1 – Me

If you’re not number one of your list of favourite stoners, you need to rethink that list mate.


Who is your favourite stoner? And why!

Thanks for reading guys.















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  • Oh shoot! Grant you’re right! (I’ve amended this now, thanks so much!)

  • It was John Belushi in the blues Brothers rip

  • I love the comment of how cannabis is a true healer and strong component to fighting the fight of getting off the evil that opioid are. They have sucked the life from so many people and have taken control over so many people’s life’s and is extremely difficult to get off of but with the help of cannabis in many different forms such as smoking it or eating it, helps so so much! And saves lifes’, so thank you! So much yes!

    Elizabeth Bird
  • Love it! Yes, thank you!!

    Elizabeth Bird

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