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My Smoking Tray

My Smoking Tray

So every night when my work is all done and I have dinner on the go, I bring out my favourite piece of furniture – my smoking tray! This tray has everything that I need on it for joints, cones and blunts which is mainly what I smoke (despite my growing bong collection -see here!)
When you start smoking you have to be smart about where you keep your paraphernalia especially if you still live at your parents or with people that don’t know about or necessarily agree with your smoking habits.
My first ever smoking stash was in one of those secret boxes that look like books. I loved it so much and it was plenty big enough for how much and how often I was smoking. All I really fit in there was a stick of herb, some tobacco for spin, some tips, some paper, a grinder and also I splurged out and got a little green pipe. I still have the book so I’ve simulated what I used to have in there for you guys (minus the tobacco as its all green all the time in this house now).
Now that I live in my own house and it’s no secret that I smoke every day, I can have my things out on display which is awesome.

Below is my current smoking tray.
Lets get into what exactly is on my smoking tray starting with the staples.

Herb! Duh otherwise what the heck is the point of the tray!! A glass jar filled with nugs and a small plastic containers with muzzed up stuff – cant forget the labels if you’re fortunate enough to have multiple strains at once. (For obvious reasons our glass jar has been taken off the tray for this photo.)

Papers – I get single size and king sized papers.. I used to get flavoured papers but I never really use them so I still have some left over but it’s definitely not something I have to restock often.

Blunt Wraps – Always at least one on deck for weekend sesh’s. At the moment we have a Honey High Hemp Wrap open from last weekend. I Love switching up the flavours and brands for our blunt – luckily we have access to 7 different flavours ;) and hey, guess what.. you do too if you follow this link hehe.

Tips – I own a mix of 4 different types; perforated straight tips, perforated curved tips for cones, pre-rolled tips for those lazy days and flavour hemp tips for the days where I want extra sweet flavours.. to be honest every day is a good day for flavoured hemp tips.

Grinder – gotta be at least 4 piece – my preference is a large grinder that fits nicely in the palm of my hand like 63mm approx. I’d also recommend getting a grinder with an extended chamber for the times you’re rolling a coned joint or a blunt, that way you can one and done it without having to take apart your grinder a couple of times.

Hemp Wick - Pictured above wrapped around my bic, Hemp Wick is a massive game changer. It is a natural alternative to butane lighters There are only 2 ingredients in Raw’s Hemp Wick: top quality European sourced hemp that is naturally grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and beeswax from holistic natural beekeeping. 

Two pieces you will find on my tray that you wouldn’t normally find at your local tobacconist, a funnel and a chop stick. I wrote about these two tools in my last blog post “Tips and Tricks for Joint Smokers” but if you haven’t read that one, I use these two together to fill and press cones.

Another two items on my tray that spark some interest when we have guests over – my puffer and my lip balm... not really any explanation necessary here I don’t think.. but yeah.. smoking isn’t the greatest for asthma.. sometimes you just need some Ventolin to help you rip those fat clouds ya know.. haha and the lip balm.. yeah I don’t need to spell that one out.

Other than a mix of some old flavoured papers and some novelty glass tips, the last items on my tray are a tin full of ‘tools’. This tin has some nail scissors, a pair of tweezers a straw and a guitar pick. These tools have many uses, and have all lent me a hand while creating some master rolls including some killer cross joints! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like an in-depth tutorial on how to roll a cross joint.

Last but not least, an ashtray! (not pictured as it doesn’t sit on my ashtray but I couldn’t not include it) I have the rainbow beamer silicone ashtray (available in the shop) and I wouldn’t recommend anything more highly than I recommend this ashtray. The best part of this ashtray is all the nooks and crannies where you can hold all the essentials, in case I don’t want to lug around my heavy smoking tray. I can pop a clipper, some tips and papers in the side compartments and I’ve got everything I need on deck. So really, this is a great alternative for the smoking tray lol.

And last but not least -for those of you wondering, my tray is from Ikea - link here.

Although it may seem as though we are only promoting the products on the shop in this blog, this is a huge reason as to why they are in the shop collection. Every smoking accessory in the store is an essential item on our tray.

What essentials have we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, peace.



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