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My First High

My First High

What better way to kick things off than to tell the story of the first time I ever tried weed? It seems like the right place to start.


The first time I tried weed was in 10th grade when I was 15 years old (about 11 years ago). A friend of mine knew some older boys who ‘did’ weed on the weekends and they asked us if we wanted to try it. Before I had the chance to answer, my friend quickly answered no for both of us… Later on, that same day I messaged one of the boys that ‘yeah I’m keen’.


Thankfully my parents knew one of the guys’ parents, so they allowed me to sleep over (I think they were under the impression that there would be more people than just me and two boys) either way – the date was set and I was so excited!!


I got to his house and as soon as my mum left, the boys started grinding up the weed with some scissors in a little bowl. They had a classic Gatorade bottle/ hose pipe situation which scared the shit out of me. Both of the boys went first and explained the process to me pretty briefly – we’ll light the cone for you – all you need to do is breath in – hold for a moment – then breathe out.


So it was my turn... they were both looking happily at me (with what I know today to be such an exciting feeling - showing someone weed for the first time). They lit the cone for me and I breathed in.. the weed got a bit stuck in the cone piece as it wasn’t ground up enough (I know that now haha) so I really had to suck in with all of my lung power – the nug got sucked in through the cone and the smoke came bellowing into me!! I burnt the absolute shit out of my throat!


I kid you not, I asked them to call an ambulance!! (How embarrassing lol). I had legit burnt my oesophagus and was freaking out. Thankfully the boys did not call anyone and just gave me about 4 liters of water… about 20 minutes later I couldn’t feel my throat at all and was able to take my focus off of the pain and focus on what the weed was doing.


I was laughing my ass off at anything and everything. I remember we were all laying down on this big mattress and one of the guys told a story that had me in stitches – I can’t actually remember any of the story.. all I remember is that it ended with some guy finding a big chocolate treasure, and as he told us about this guy’s chocolate treasure he brought out a big ziplock bag full of old Easter eggs for us to eat! Omg, they were amazing – thinking back now – they weren’t anything special, in fact, it had been Easter a few months prior so they were probably actually shit but hey.. that night they were dope.


The next day I was home alone with my older brother. I nervously told him that I had had weed the night before and I was so scared of what his reaction would be – He LOUDLY sighed in disappointment and I thought ‘shit I shouldn’t have told him’ – He said: “DUUUUUUUDE I wanted to show you weed for the first time!” Hahaha, what a relief! We had a joint together shortly after and he taught me how to roll and a lot of pro stoner tips that have helped me out during the years (blog post to come). I was very lucky to have him show me the ropes.


Before I tried weed I was scared of it and honestly was very judgemental about it and thought it was wrong because that’s what everyone is brought up to believe – well most people. Now I know that it’s not scary and not wrong – in fact… now I know that weed is in fact - right ;) so right.


If you guys have a great ‘first time high’ story that you’d like to share, email in your submission to smokemilkau@gmail.com for the chance to have your story published on our growing blog!




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