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How to Roll a Hemp Wrap Blunt

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap Blunt

Typically, when talking about a blunt, people are referring to a tobacco filled cigar that has been cut open, tobacco emptied out, then filled with cannabis.

Today I will teach you step by step how to roll a hemp wrap blunt.


Materials needed:



Step 1:

Grind your herb


Step 2:

Unravel and assess your hemp wrap. If your hemp wrap is dry and a bit crusty it will be hard to roll with. You will need to moisten the wrap. The best way I have found to do this is to run the hot water in the sink and hold the wrap over the steam that is coming off of the sink.



Step 3:

Fill with herb – more than you think


Step 4:

Start rolling the herb back and forth in the wrap until it compresses into a cylinder shape that doesn’t fall apart when you let the pressure off from your fingers


Step 5:
Make a tip, place in the left hand side of the blunt wrap


Step 6:

Tuck the side of the wrap that you are facing, under the compressed herb and continue to roll the wrap away from you so that you are closing the wrap

Top Tip: You can use your mouth to tuck the middle of the wrap in, if the wrap isn't being cooperative.



Step 7:

Now comes the messy part... the part that is definitely not Covid friendly, the part that I would normally perform away from the group about to smoke the blunt, as it takes a lot of spit. Just like closing a normal joint, you need to lick the end to seal it. However, when rolling a joint, you are just wetting the glue seal, when rolling a blunt (hemp wrap), there is no glue. You really have to work your spit into the wrap (on both sides) and push down with your fingers to create your own seal.


Step 8:

Once you have wet and pressed down the seal enough, so it doesn’t peel off and unravel itself, you need to hold a lighter up to it and wave it back and forth the seal to harden it for about 20-30 seconds or until it is dry/warm to touch.




Step 9:

Light it, enjoy it.

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