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How I Clean My Bongs

How I Clean My Bongs

So as you can imagine, cleaning 16 bongs can be quite a daunting task 😅(If you haven’t read my previous blog.. yes I own 16 bongs 😲 Check them out here). So, over the years we’ve tried a ton of different techniques to clean up our billies, this technique is what works best for us.

It depends what type of bong you have when it comes to cleaning. It is much easier to clean straight pipe bongs and beaker bongs than it is to clean bongs with percolators and bits and pieces. This technique works well for all types of bongs.

All you need is a few things; boiling water, a spoolie/straw cleaning brush (or alternatively you can use a chux cloth and a chopstick which is what I did today), orange cleaner and some containers.

Here are my tools-

cleaning supplies.jpg

Okay now you know the tools you need, let’s get into the method.

Step 1- Empty out all the bong water and dissemble the bongs putting all the pipes together and all the bowls and cones together, you’ll need two containers.

bowls and pipes.jpg

Step 2- Boil ya water, pour a tablespoon of orange cleaner over the pipes and a tablespoon of orange cleaner over your cones and bowls, then fill the containers with boiling water and leave for about an hour.


Step 3- Flush ya bongs. Overfill your bongs in the sink with some warm water until all of your loose ash and gunk has been purged out.


Step 4- Put a teaspoon of orange cleaner in the bottom of each bong then fill each bong with boiling water, leave for about an hour.


Step 5- So its been an hour, come back and lets tackle the pipes, bowls and cones first. Grab ya cleaning brushes and clean out all the gunk – it should be very easy – once clean put down on a tea towel or another chux to dry.

pipe and bowl cleaning w chux.jpg

Step 6- Bong time, one at a time empty half of the water/orange mixture out and swish your bong around in circles until fully clean (If its not fully cleaning itself in the swish process, you haven’t left it to soak long enough, or alternatively the water wasn’t hot enough).
Empty the rest of the liquid and purge the bong again with warm water in the sink (like we did in step 3) Repeat until all 16 bongs are clean 😅

bong flush.jpg

And that’s it! Sparkling clean, ready for you to dirty up again!! Heehe
I’d say you deserve a test run just to make sure you cleaned it correctly.. right?.. 😜


Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions or queries, pop them in the comments!



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