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Best funny shows to watch high

Best funny shows to watch high

POV: your high as hell and ready to watch some TV

What to watch... now I’m sure many of you have heard of and probably seen a lot of these suggestions... I mean... let’s be honest, the streaming services haven’t been as good lately... perhaps it’s because no one’s out there making any content thanks to Covid -_-

Never-the-less let’s get into my top TV watches for when your high. 

First up: Netflix


Let’s start off nice and mainstream here with the animated tv series- Rick and Morty.

Four seasons of gold in my opinion. Rick and Morty follows the genius drunk grandpa Rick, and his pathetic yet loveable grandson Morty on adventures throughout alternate worlds and dimensions. Stand out episodes for me are of course both “Interdimensional Cable” eps and I don’t wanna give any spoilers but the last ep of season 4 really hit me in my feels.


Next on the Netflix list; Big Mouth. Big Mouth is another animated series that follows a group of middle schoolers who are transitioning into puberty… Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… it wasn’t something I thought would be appropriate for someone of my age either, however this kooky comedy series created by Family Guy writer Andrew Goldberg, is actually rated MA and is aimed at adults.

The main characters Nick and Andrew navigate their way through puberty at different rates as they struggle with such issues as sexual arousal and masturbation. However, they are not in this alone. Once a character begins their own journey through puberty, be it be boy or girl, they are accompanied by their very own ‘hormone monster’. Think of this monster to be a sort of devil on one’s shoulder egging them on to forfeit to their sexual desires. This show has made its rounds on our TV three times as it is for sure one to watch then watch again.

Honourable mention animated series: Bojack Horseman, Archer, Food Wars, Close Enough & Hoops.

For those of you who aren’t the biggest animation fans let’s get into some shows that feature those of the human variety.


Brooklyn 99 is a police procedural comedy following Jake Peralta, an annoying yet endearing cop who is always getting into trouble but somehow manages to also always save the day.. Now nothing against “The Office” here... but, (unpopular opinion) unlike The Office, there isn’t a character on Brooklyn 99 that I don’t love; they mesh well as a team even if that means that they actually perform horribly as a team sometimes.

The Good Place is a fantasy comedy that has a plot unlike any that I’ve ever seen. Episode one, main character Eleanor, appears in a waiting room only to be welcomed into “The Good Place” (i.e. heaven). I don’t wanna spoil anything here as the twists and turns are the best part of this tv series HOWEVER!!!! I’d recommend giving up at season three.. gets a bit shit after that haha


The Inbetweeners is a great one when your baked and looking for something to throw on to give you a good laugh. Now I’ll give a brief description of The Inbetweeners but seriously... if you actually don’t know of the inbetweeners like... how’d you make your way onto the internet then navigate all the way to this blog post...? AAAAnyway the show follows four British suburban teenagers dealing with every day school life, overnight school trips where teachers may or may not rub up on your legs, girlfriend problems, hitting a disabled girl in the head with a frisbee, calling lads bus wankers only to then get stopped at a red light and so much more. Plus, additional bonus! There are two movies (available on Stan) where the boys venture out of the country together, and in the second movie it’s to our neck of the woods! Straya’ 


Black books is one of my top 5 shows of all time. Black Books is another British sitcom (IMO British sitcoms are the best). The series is set in a grungy London book shop where our boozy protagonist and book shop owner Bernard Black runs his business quite poorly. His friend Fran who owns the shop next door and his newly hired assistant Manny (even if he can’t actually remember hiring him), work together to try change Bernard’s crappy outlook on the world, their efforts usually resulting into chaos.


IT crowd – one for the nerds and also yes, another British comedy series. Ever heard of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” well, besides that actually being the #1 tool to fixing almost everything, it is mostly known from this show. Two IT technicians Roy and Moss work in the IT department in the basement of communications company Reynholm Industries. They are introduced to their new head of department Jen, who knows next to nothing about IT. As the three try to work together it becomes obvious that Jen is no help in the IT department but may (or in most cases may not) be of some use teaching these nerds how to communicate better with the employees higher up in the building.

Now this next recommendation has a stipulation attached to it. If you are a daily smoker you’ll need one of these before you watch this *Click this link* If you only smoke on special occasions or maybe every weekend or so, you’ll only need a fat blunt *I’ll drop a link for you light weights too ;)*

Disjointed is an American comedy series that is set at a marijuana dispensary. Main character, shop owner and long-time marijuana activist Ruth partners up with her son Travis to manage the dispensary and their employee “Budtenders” who come from all walks of life. The show is made for stoners and its obvious. From amazingly trippy animations, to discussing the seriousness of PTSD and the positive effects that marijuana can bring, this show has it all. Some characters experiencing their first time ever getting high, and stoners on the other end of the spectrum who run a YouTube vlog channel where they smoke ounces a day, this show really gives a full picture of the marijuana industry not just in America but worldwide. Unfortunely the show was cancelled 2 seasons in, but holy moly I’ve seen those two seasons so many times.. the best part about being a stoner is if I smoke enough weed.. I can enjoy these shows over and over and not really remember what’s going to happen!


Some honourable mention comedy series: The Fix, Community, Gracie and Frankie & Love


Stan; (this will be a short list- much like Stan’s selection of quality content)


Workaholics follows three best friends Blake, Adam and Anders who live together and also work together at a call centre. These three met in college and it seems as though upon leaving college, their mentality definitely didn’t. What I’m trying to say here is they continued this college behaviour of drinking, partying, pulling pranks on each other, other staff members and their bitch of a boss. Luckily for us they made 7 seasons of this hilarious show, every ep standing up to the last.


Broad City follows Jewish-American best friends Abby and Illana. Abby is trying to get her art career off the ground and Illana is trying her absolute hardest to make a living by doing fuck all. Abby often gets side-tracked of her goal thanks to Illana’s hilarious misadventures, but who wouldn’t be tempted with an endless supply of weed, caps pills and tabs.


Last but MOST CERTAINLY not least: Friday Night Dinner. Now this is actually the one show here that I’m expecting not a lot of people to have heard of before, as I’ve never met anyone who’s heard of it. 

As the title may suggest, ‘Friday Night Dinner’ is set in the Goodman family home as the two boys come for Shabbat dinner, to visit their Mum and Dad every Friday night. The episodes follow mischievous Adam and Jonny, brothers close in age, as they enter the house to whatever shenanigans their parents Jackie and Martin are up to. Dinner often gets interrupted by their painfully annoying Auntie Val, their horrible grandma or their odd neighbour Jim, accompanied by his pet dog Wilson- of whom he is afraid of.


Alright those are my (Netflix and Stan) TV recommendations to watch while your high... and if I’m being honest... I love these shows even if I’m not high J but what’s the fun in that!?


I, along with probably all of you, am always looking for new shows to watch so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below for me and all of our lovely readers.


Thanks so much for reading guys,



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