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Best Board Games to Play High

Best Board Games to Play High

Are you sick of watching tv and munching on snacks when your high? Me neither! But here we are anyway lol. I’ve always loved playing board games, I grew up playing them with my family quite a bit. Now that it’s just me and my boyfriend however, it’s a lot harder to find board games for just two people. Today I’ll share with you my favourite board games to play whilst high. I’m going to include games for a range of players, mostly for two or more players but a few for a group of 4 or more.


Listed in no particular order, let’s get into the first game, a game everyone knows too well, UNO. This one is a great game to pull out no matter the number of players. Normally I would suggest when pulling out a game, everyone read the rules before partaking in whatever method you choose to consume your herb; however, everyone already knows how to play UNO and if by some weird chance someone hasn’t played before, I’m willing to bet someone in the group will easily be able to explain the rules. I would however suggest you go through the house rules before getting into the game as theres always one dickhead that wants to put his draw two onto a draw four... 

Recently I played UNO Flip, which is a variation of the card game where each card has two sides to it and the players can “Flip” the deck and everyone’s hand over to play on ‘the dark side’. It’s not that hard to pick up and understand and is a great way to switch up the usual game. I also hear that there is a version of UNO called DOS, where, say the card that the player before you put down is an 8 and you have a 5 and a 3, you can put them both down to add up to 8.

Next up, a family favourite, Rummy-O. In this game you are given tiles to create runs and sets of the same value. For example, a run must be all in the same colour going up or down like 3,4,5,6 and a set will be all different colours of the same value like 3,3,3,3. This game can be played very strategically, thinking many moves ahead so I wouldn’t recommend playing this for the first time once your high because it may be a little too complex for your stoney brain. Even though the game wouldn't allow it, I'd make it a rule that you can put down 4,2,0 consecutively to earn yourself a little billy.

Themed Monopoly. My boyfriend and I have a Rick and Morty Monopoly which I can confirm is much better than the original. However, in saying that, I actually hate Monopoly… I have been with my boyfriend for close to a decade and I kid you not, I have never won a game of Monopoly against him… NEVER. Call me a sore loser if you must, but it takes the fun out of it for me to play a game that I KNOW I’m going to lose... especially when the game takes sometimes hours to complete. Monopoly is a great game though if I’m being honest, which is why I’m including it in the best board games to play high, and just like UNO, almost everyone knows how to play.

I dunno if it’s just my high ass, but I find extremely easy games, that are created for children, a TON of fun while I’m high. Three great examples of these type of games are Jenga, Twister and Connect 4… or if you have the home-brand version like I do… line up 4. The simplicity in these games call for wagers... and by that, I mean making up random rules for losers or alternatively the winners to get even higher!


A great game to play with a lot of people is Scattegories. In this game you are given a list of objects, places, names to come up with all starting with the same letter which is randomly rolled at the beginning of the round. You are given a minute to come up with your answers, you then give out points for everyone who completed the words in the right context. For example, you could get the letter C and just answer everything cannabis... you probably wouldn’t get many points for your answers though.

If you have a group of bullshitting friends like I do, you’re gonna enjoy this next one. Balderdash (quite literally meaning ‘nonsense’) is a game where you have to make up fake definitions of words, sayings, acronyms and dates that are not commonly known. Each player writes down their obscure definition and all players hand in their answers to the reader of the card, who then reads out everyone’s definition with the real definition snuck in. Players then have to guess which answer is the correct definition and if you get the right answer you get points and if someone picks your definition as the right answer, you then get points for that too. You'll need to have your poker face on while your answer is being read out so that no one suspects it's yours, unless you wanna go the other way with it and obnoxiously laugh at it, as if it's the first time you've ever heard it.

Lastly, we can’t not mention the card game my boyfriend and I made up called ‘Highs and Lows’. It’s a great one to get nice and high from. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards and if you’re lucky you may get drawn a joint to smoke! For the complete rules, click this link to learn and play today.

So there you have it, these are my top picks for games to play while high with ya friends. While writing this blog I stumbled across a board game called ‘Lord of Cannabis’. In this game players build, trade and steal their way to becoming the true Lord of Cannabis. It looked too good to pass up so my boyfriend ordered it online! Unfortunately it wont arrive for a while but maybe when it does I’ll do a review on it if anyone is interested.

Thanks so much for reading fam,

What are your favourite games to play whilst high? Let us know in the comments down below or reach out to us on Instagram! We are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have about the products we sell here at Smoke Milk.





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