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50 Things to do when you're stoned and bored

50 Things to do when you're stoned and bored

  1. Meditate

  2. Find new music
  3. Take a walk
  4. See if any events are happening in your city
  5. Go see a movie
  6. Go on a shopping spree
  7. Draw something
  8. Play a board game
  9. Play a video game – I’d recommend Minecraft
  10. Sit down and make a meal plan for the week
  11. Write a piece of fiction
  12. Put on show tunes and make up songs about yourselves (this one is a personal favourite in our house haha)
  13. Visit a museum or art gallery
  14. Have a stoner movie marathon and turn it into a smoking game
  15. Try a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try
  16. Go to a botanic garden
  17. Put on a dance class on youtube
  18. Visit a beach
  19. Read a book
  20. Read a book and draw at the same time (I like to draw about what I'm reading about to keep myself focused)
  21. Cook something you've never cooked before
  22. Get your green thumb on and pot a plant or do some general gardening
  23. Do a yoga class
  24. Get a massage
  25. Make a card for a special someone (I like to do this when I get in a crafty mood even if it's not anyone's birthday coming up.. great to have a card ready to go when the time comes though)
  26. Clean up a room (I know.. not the greatest idea but hey.. if you've got time spare on your hands you may as well tidy up then have another smoke as a reward!)
  27. Clean out your closet and give old clothes to charity
  28. Lay out in the sun with some music (don’t forget sunscreen!)
  29. Download and play a new game on your phone
  30. Come up with a new game for you and your pet to play together (Hide and seek is mine and my dogs favourite)
  31. Go outside on a walk with the intent to take some beautiful photos - perhaps do with a friend and try to take 5 different photos each with some buzz words to draw inspiration from, for example words like; together, foreign, dance, relax, soft.
  32. Learn some smoke tricks (Waterfall is a great beginner smoke trick to try)
  33. Fall down the youtube rabbit hole
  34. Go to an empty playground and fuck around like your a kid again haha
  35. Message an old friend you miss talking to... maybe give them a heads up that your high incase you get a bit too soppy haha
  36. Take a long hot shower/bath
  37. Do a self-care day complete with facemasks, clip your nails, moisturise, tweeze your eyebrows, soak your feet in a foot bath ect.
  38. Get a tattoo.. why not get a walk in appointment and get that tat you've always wanted! plus.. being high will help with the pain
  39. Roll a masterpiece joint.. or better yet, learn how to roll a lazy joint
  40. Come up with a new food combo
  41. Make some music, crack out an old instrument and have a jam
  42. Alien Docos.. open your mind to a whole new world
  43. Make a hotbox/pillow blanket fort (great for days when you're low on weed)
  44. Pottery - grab an at home kit and let your inner ghost out
  45. Sketch your significant other or create a self portrait
  46. Paint a canvas – I always look on Pinterest for art inspo
  47. Re-organise your pantry.. I know I know.. another chore on the list.. but really.. is there anything better than a freshly organised pantry!? Plus you can rediscover some awesome snacks that had been pushed to the back!
  48. Visit a landmark so you can say you got high there hehe
  49. Read Milo’s blogs on Smoke Milk - well duhh this one is a must
  50. Buy a bong on Smoke Milk - I mean.. go on ;)



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