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20 ways to conserve your weed

20 ways to conserve your weed

Are you looking for ways to conserve your weed? Stretch it out a little longer and save yourself some of that hard-earned coin? Well look no further!! Listed below are my 20 ways to conserve your weed. These tips have been tried and tested by yours truly over the years, hopefully you leave with a few tips.

Get your pensioner on and grab yourself one of those MTWTFSS containers so you can stash half a bud away in each day’s section.


Intermitted Fasting! This is one tip that I can tell you works a bloody treat, as it’s what I do Monday-Friday. 5pm comes, I slam my laptop closed, hop up from my desk and grab my rolling tray.

If you’re running low, you may need to switch up your method of smoking. I smoke joints, and besides blunts, it’s probably one of the least effective methods to save your weed with. Bongs, pipes and one-hitters are the way to go when you’re running low on herb. One method that saves on herb and knocks you off your feet is the Gravity Bong.


As the token stoner of any group I’m in, take it from me... I know how hard it is to be the unofficial plug. A few years ago, I was getting fed up with the amount I was going through and an easy way for me to reduce my usage without actually having to smoke any less was to start saying no. Any time I’d go to a gathering, I would either get high beforehand on my own, or only bring enough for myself. So if you’re this person in your friend group and someone asks for a cheeky stick… repeat after me “Nah mate.. I’m not ya dealer”.


Ain’t nothing worse than mouldy weed, that in itself is a form of waste, and to combat it, is a form of conserving. Cannabis should be stored in a cool dark place, ideally below 21 degrees Celsius in an airtight container. According to a study that tested “The Stability of Cannabis and its Preparations on Storage”, exposure to light is the biggest factor in which cannabinoids are lost, second to air exposure oxidisation.

If you are lucky enough to have options when you purchase you’re weed, splurge for the weed with a higher THC percentage, this way you’ll be able to smoke less to get the same amount of high. Although, if you want to conserve weed because you’re spending too much money than this will probably defeat that purpose.

Spin! My favourite material to spin my weed with is camomile which I get from T2. Other great materials to spin with include: Sage, Damiana, Mugwort, Lavender, Rosemary, Catnip, Tea, Eucalyptus and many more. To read further about these alternatives to spin, click this link to check out our mates’ blog over on Friendly Aussie Buds.

If you’re a joint smoker then you’ll like this one!! Instead of rolling a paper tip like usual, use a Flavoured Hemp Tip, they are almost double the size of a normal tip therefore a lot less weed will fit in your joint. Plus, they taste great! It’s a win-win. We sell these for just $3 a pack and there are three inside! Click here to see our flavours!

Use a 4-Piece Grinder! Trust me on this one guys, that forth compartment takes a little while to fill up, so by the time your low on weed it’s a great way to stretch out the rest by sprinkling abit of keif on top, making it stronger. Pick yourself up a new grinder today for just $45! -> Beamer Aluminium 4-Piece Grinder

Electric Grinder! I always find that when I buzz up a nug in the electric grinder I get more out of it as opposed to the hand grinder, it gives a finer grind and therefore yields more.

In a 2014 study, squirrel monkeys who were addicted to THC and would administer it themselves, would administer less of if they had previously ingested caffeine. The Neuroscientists working on this study concluded that the caffeine extended the life of the high. So, if you are a wake and baker, let’s be honest you probably already enjoy a coffee with your morning toke, however, if you don’t… perhaps it’s time to start.


There are certain foods and drinks that effect your high, I’m sure you’ve heard mango is one. Some others include: Nuts, Herbs and Spices, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Tea and Beer. Click this link to read more about each food/drink’s effect.

Use hemp wick instead of your lighter. Less of your weed will burn off before it makes it into your lungs due to the lower temperature that hemp wick burns at. This will only make a minute difference however, if you’ve read our blog “What is hemp wick and why should I use it” you’ll know that this isn’t the only pro to hemp wick.

If you have only a small amount of a joint or blunt left but you’re done with it. Save it for later. I am guilty of powering through the last of a joint because I’ll say in my head “Aww no one wants to start a joint at that size… I’ll just finish her up”. Just tap out.


Alright, let’s get into some quick-fire tips;


  • Freezer weed!! Stock up before you run out and empty the left-over buds in the freezer for a rainy day.


  • Don’t be greedy! Have a smoke then wait at least an hour before your next toke.


  • Don’t touch your buds! The more you handle your weed the more trichomes you knock off of them.


  • Buy a dry herb vape and keep the heated herb.


  • Make edibles with your vaped weed


  • Save your trim and stems to make edibles


And there you have it, these are our tips to conserve ya bud. If you have any recommendations or advice when it comes to saving your weed let us know in the comments below!









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